Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission

(1317 Portage Rd, NF NY 14301)

Sunday gatherings are an essential part of learning to follow Jesus with others.  As a faith family, we gather around Jesus and His remarkable grace for us.  We have conversation and discussion accompanied by refreshments.

We gather weekly to sing, pray, read and hear God’s Word, and celebrate the sacraments so that the Gospel may inform and transform every aspect of our life together.  God calls us together as His people, speaks to us through His Word, and receives our prayer, praise, and thanksgiving.  He also feeds us with the presence of His Son Jesus Christ and sends us out on mission into the world.

We welcome those who are seeking, skeptical, or curious.  It is our sincere desire to thoughtfully explore people’s questions about God and Christianity with them.

Please check out our CALENDAR for monthly information regarding worship, activities, and outreach.