Theology & Mission Resources



Authentic Christianity: How Lutheran Theology Speaks to a Postmodern World (Gene Edward Veith Jr. & A. Trevor Sutton, 2017)


Baptized into Christ: A Guide to the Christian Life (Jordan Cooper, 2016)


Being Lutheran: Living in the Faith You have Received (A. Trevor Sutton, 2016) 


Concordia, The Lutheran Confessions – A Reader’s Guide of the Book of Concord (Ed. Paul Timothy McCain, 2006)


Getting to Know Jesus: Using the Six Core Teachings of the Bible to Grow in a Deeper Relationship with Jesus (Paul Schult, 2015)


How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth (Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart, 2014)


Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to Be an Everyday Missionary (Greg Finke, 2014)


Joining Jesus Show Me How: How to Disciple Everyday Missionaries (Greg Finke, 2017)


Night Driving: Notes from a Prodigal Soul (Chad Bird, 2017)


Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good (NT Wright, 2015)


The Art of Law and Gospel (RJ Grunewald, 2016)


The Christian Faith: A Lutheran Exposition (Robert Kolb, 1993)


The Prodigal God: Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith (Timothy Keller, 2008)


The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel (C.F.W. Walther, 1986)


The Spirituality of the Cross: The Way of the First Evangelicals (Gene Edward Veith, Jr., 2010)


Your God is Too Glorious: Finding God in the Most Unexpected Places (Chad Bird, 2018)